Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Wabbit meets his Contact at Kaninchenrettung

Turbina slid smoothly into a clearing on the outskirts of town and the Wabbit alighted to meet his contact. "I can tell by your car, that you are the Wabbit." said the waiting wabbit." Ich freue mich Sie kennenzulernen," replied the Wabbit, because he was very pleased indeed to make his acquaintance. "I am in charge of security and I am detailed to take you through the forest to the Kaninchenrettung compound." The Wabbit knew that meant Wabbit Rescue and he was rather excited. He was thinking about what the Kaninchenrettung compound might look like and how he would be received, when the security wabbit broke in. "Herr Kaninchen, the wabbits are looking forward to your speech." The Wabbit stopped in his tracks. There was nothing in his mission papers about a speech. "Ah, yes, my speech," said the Wabbit. His mind raced. "I will of course, play it by ear." he said finally. The security wabbit started to lead the way through the forest and just as the Wabbit started to hop closely behind, he turned. "I understand you like jazz, Herr Kaninchen," The Wabbit replied enthusiastically in the affirmative. "You are perhaps familiar with Albert Mangelsdorff," said his contact. "Tell me more," said the Wabbit, as together they hopped happily through the trees to Kaninchenrettung.