Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Wabbit is co-opted.

The Wabbit had no problem finding his way back. His path had been clearly marked out for him. so they knew he was coming! The Wabbit wondered if he would actually meet the white wabbit and so he was pleasantly surprised to be greeted at the airport desk by that self same wabbit. He sat up on his hind legs to look over the top of the desk, and in so doing he could not help but notice that this was a very pretty wabbit indeed. The White Wabbit told him that he had been co-opted to serve on the Committee of Experts and that he was to represent Wabbit Affairs. "About time", thought the Wabbit - although he was much too polite to say so out loud. Soon the wabbit would be home.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Wabbit gets a Surprise!

Barely had he hopped outside the big building, the Wabbit was astonished by what he saw. "Good grief!" was all that he could think to say. And then he wondered if all this was due to something he had said at the meeting. Surely not, thought the Wabbit and shuffled closer to the strange truck. And as he got closer, a long gun turned and pointed at him, with water dripping from its muzzle. The Wabbit was not afraid, but he knew when he was outnumbered. In a series of zig-zag streaks, the Wabbit vanished out of range of the water cannon. The Wabbit did not like getting wet. Soon, he was nestled securely at the rear of the airport bus. "Don't they know who I am?" muttered the Wabbit. But he was smiling, all the same.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Wabbit shakes the System

It was a gweat day for the Wabbit. He hadn't been expecting such luminaries as company. But being a diplomatic Wabbit (mostly), he explained the plight of world wabbits. Choosing to focus on wabbit inclusion, he made the case for wabbits to be protected. There were some, he emphasised, that only saw wabbits as part of a food chain. So wabbits were literally in chains. "Fwee the wabbits and you will yourselves be fwee. " His call rang out across the chamber and the Experts rose as one to applaud the Wabbit. That went down well, thought the Wabbit and - just for a second - allowed himself a smug moment.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Wabbit goes to a Meeting

The Wabbit could hardly believe his eyes. Things were improving for all wabbits. But what a big building! How would he ever find his way to the meeting? Perhaps there would be a sign. Anyway, the Wabbit was delighted, because today was International Wabbit Day and he was the guest speaker. He had pwepared a short briefing on the improvement of living and playing conditions of wabbits at the transnational level. Phew! What a long title he had chosen for his talk. He went through the speech it in his wabbit head. Diet, environment, health care, twansport and so many other wabbit-related things. He would make these experts listen.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Wabbit is sent on Mission

The Wabbit had been invited by the Committee of Experts to contribute to the improvement of living and playing conditions for wabbits. So the Wabbit had arrived at Bwussels Airport without difficulty, because no-one ever noticed the Wabbit. Even so, the Wabbit had some concerns that he might meet at least mild peril, but it seemed to be wabbit-friendly. "This is good news", thought the Wabbit. "Things might be free for wabbits!" But the Wabbit knew that nothing was ever for free exactly. And who exactly was the white wabbit of whom they spoke? The Wabbit would find out later. Until then he would carefully make his way to the Big City.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Wabbit visits the Church Yard

Sometimes the Wabbit took a short cut through the church car park. It was more of a long cut really, but the Wabbit liked the change. There were squirrels sometimes (silly creatures, thought the Wabbit) . And the Wabbit always had to be on the lookout for the odd fox (and they were indeed odd thought the Wabbit). The Wabbit was certainly an opinionated wabbit and none the worse for that. He had never been inside the church but he had it on good authority that there were wabbits depicted on the floor. Someday the Wabbit would sneak in and have a look. but for now, all he had to do was negotiate the horrid pools of water and move on about his wabbit business.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Wabbit considers Gloves

The Wabbit's feet were rather hard wearing and he did not consider he really needed gloves. But the Wabbit had found these lying on the table - as if they had been abandoned. Surely no-one would abandon such colourful gloves, thought the Wabbit. "Maybe if I just slip my leg into one of them, it could be that they fit". They felt nice to the Wabbit and they had a nice smell, so he rubbed his nose along the seams. "Supposing I put these on when I hop on my way to the shops, mused the Wabbit. People wouldn't know who I was. They would merely think, "There goes a wabbit with style and distinction". He considered it for a minute and then he thought better of the whole idea. The Wabbit likes to go incognito.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Wabbit gets a Treat

The Wabbit had been rewarded for his patience with the accursed sliding doors. Now, on the table, heaped high, was a salad that the Wabbit liked. The Wabbit had to be careful with his diet since not all leaves were good for his tummy. It was nice to be treated, thought the Wabbit. But he would not munch his leaves too quickly. That might go badly. And all around him, people bustled back and forth, while the Wabbit relaxed. "This is the life", he thought. and peered over the top of his food. What on earth were these people pointing at? The Wabbit was too inquisitive for his own good.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Wabbit and the Sliding Doors

The Wabbit hopped into the car for a lift to some distant shops. The Wabbit thought, "Who knows what produce might be discovered?" But it was a very dull day and a very dull selection of things on sale for wabbits. So the Wabbit hopped quickly after his lift. But he had not noticed the sliding doors! The Wabbit just squeezed through in time! "That reminds me of the balcony", thought the Wabbit, "Maybe there will be something nice for the Wabbit somewhere else."

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Wabbit and the Dog with Enormous Paws

The Wabbit did not mind dogs if they were wabbit friendly. So sometimes when he hopped back into home territory, he would meet the dog with enormous paws. He always stopped to say hello and the dog would follow him, because the Wabbit knew secret ways to get in to the big house. Some dogs seemed to like getting messy and the Wabbit knew that if there was mud anywhere, this dog would find it. The Wabbit was not that concerned, although he liked to stay dry. So on a wet day, the Wabbit would sit on the steps and watch the dog. From a distance. "What are these enormous paws for?" asked the Wabbit. The dog just looked back in an enigmatic way as if he knew but wasn't going too tell

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Wabbit has a consumer Moment

The supermarket was on the Wabbit's normal route and of course, no-one ever saw the Wabbit. Even if they thought they did, he could disappear and reappear at will. So they saw him but .. they didn't really. No one ever believed them when they told their friends. If they had known the Wabbit (and how could they ?) they would realise that the Wabbit was fussy about carrots. A careful wabbit inspection of carrots would reveal the twue nature of any establishment. On this occasion, the Wabbit was not impressed. He had seen better. Not what he was used to. The Wabbit shook his head and did that thing with his leg. Then he hopped past the checkout and without looking back, he was gone.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Wabbit makes an Enquiry

Most days, when the Wabbit hopped on his wabbit business, he would pass these wire things. The Wabbit knew quite well that wire things were for keeping wabbits in - or out. But they didn't look very effective, because the wabbit could get past without trouble. In any case, the Wabbit looked forward to a world without fences, because he was a philosophical wabbit. There was a man passing and the Wabbit shouted to the man. "Are these for keeping wabbits in or out?" The man heard him but he hurried around the corner as fast as he could go. Not everyone liked enquiring wabbits, thought the Wabbit.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Underground with the Wabbit

The Wabbit did not always hop the same route. He had been told of a strange shadow place and he was determined to visit. There was something familiar about it and the Wabbit was quite used to the gloom and the dark. But there was too much grass for such a place and the Wabbit thought it might be a twap. So he hung around. And no-one appeared, not one. The Wabbit waited a long, long time, but nothing happened. Perhaps people had forgotten about the shadow place or maybe no-one ever went in. The Wabbit made a mental note and went on his way.

The Wabbit is unsurprised

The Wabbit was not surprised by how miserable everyone looked. Things were bad and although they seemed to go on normally as normal, an air of melancholy hung over the Wabbit's neighbourhood. Even the advertisements looked miserable. The Wabbit was not naturally miserable, being a wabbit - although he could be as pawanoid as the next wabbit. And he knew that wabbits have a funny sense of humour that not everyone understands. But the Wabbit set out to smile at everyone he saw, because he thought that might cheer people up. Even if he was a bit sceptical, he would twy.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Wabbit in the mysterious Lanes

It was some relief to the Wabbit that when he hopped out the next day, that things were just as he expected. His favourite haunt was the criss cross network of Lanes that hid behind the big houses. There were secret yards and gardens and they were not without mystewy. The Wabbit did not mind the others who also used the lanes. They were in the Wabbit's territory and not the other way around. Sometimes there was even a police car. And occasionally, people brought carrots to the Wabbit and of this the Wabbit told no-one. In the Lanes, the Wabbit liked to keep everybody happy. The Wabbit needed allies.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Wabbit dreams of Himself

Then, all of a sudden in the dream, the Wabbit changed into a white wabbit. The Wabbit knew it was him, even though it did not look like him. He was lying in a toy shop window amongst some toys. In the dream, the Wabbit was sleeping but every so often a hand would crash the keys of a piano - and it was so loud and such a surprise that the white wabbit would wake up with a start. Then the Wabbit did wake up to find himself at home. It was good to be awake!

The Wabbit dreams about a Time Tunnel

As the Wabbit slept, he dreamed a dream of the building that the street man had pointed out. As he looked at it, the whole building wrapped around him and became a tunnel that was drawing him in. Nothing that the Wabbit could do could prevent it - although in his dream he tried to run away. In real life he could run very fast indeed, but in the dream, the pull was just too strong for him.

The Wabbit returns for Supper

The Wabbit returned hoping for a good supper. They (as the Wabbit referred to non-wabbits) were cooking risotto. The Wabbit knew a few grains of rice would not harm his tummy but a bowl would not be good for him. He would content himself with some carrots. But the smell was delicious. Then the Wabbit curled up on the carpet and fell into a hazy dream-filled sleep.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Wabbit takes Stock

Even the Wabbit found some things a bit daunting. The Wabbit could see there was no way in to the building that was pointed out by the man in the street. He could see no door or open window and no people inside. But the Wabbit knew one thing. Although the building held answers to what had become of the shadow people, the Wabbit was aware that the shadow people hadn't always been shadows and he didn't want to become a shadow too. So the Wabbit thought it was pwudent to retrench, to sum up, to ... take stock. He shifted his position from foot to foot and puzzled. Then he hopped for home and supper. The building would still be there when he came back. Of that he was certain.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Wabbit gets a Clue

Hopping along and thinking about a nice hay and carrot lunch, the Wabbit was suddenly surprised. It looked like ... yes it had to be. Here was the Wabbit's opportunity and he felt a little nervous. He hopped up to the man in the street and asked him straight. "Do you know what happened to the shadow people who were forced out of Castle Doom?" The man did not reply. He only shook his head. The Wabbit thought that maybe he didn't understand wabbit talk but then the man pointed at an official looking building that was behind the Wabbit. The Wabbit turned and thumped his tail and growled. When he looked back, the man was gone. But the Wabbit knew he had been given a clue.

Monday, September 06, 2010

The Wabbit falls foul of the Weather

The Wabbit was back in the street but unfortunately the weather had taken a turn for the worse. The Wabbit did not like getting very wet because it was hard for him to get dry. The Wabbit found himself thinking about the shadow people who had been turned out of their homes. What would they do on a day like this? The Wabbit pondered for a while. He thought they must have found a place to get into the warm, away from windy draughts. The Wabbit shivered a bit at the very thought of windy draughts - and made a run for shelter.

Friday, September 03, 2010

The Wabbit gets stuck on the Balcony (again)

The Wabbit was in one of his favourite places. Fwom the balcony he could see the whole street - although he could not get down very quickly. Just sometimes, the Wabbit would get stuck on the balcony when no-one knew he was there and sometimes the window shutters were closed behind him. Then he was really stuck! It wasn't anyone's fault - just bad judgement and thoughtlessness. But when the Wabbit was stuck he thought it wasn't such a bad place to be. There was foliage and a pwetty windmill which went clack-clack and chased away the infernal wing-ed things. The Wabbit hated wing-ed things.