Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Wabbit arrives Early

The Wabbit and Lapinette reached Torino early and as they drove through familar streets, they heard Turbina's exhaust crackling in the morning air. Nearby, sitting on a park bench before breakfast, an elderly lady and her daughter watched the traffic pass, as they did every single day except Fridays. "Do you know," said the daughter, "that I just saw two wabbits drive by in a jet car?" The old lady spoke curtly. "I don't hold with wabbits driving jet cars and that's a fact." "Oh but they looked lovely," said her daughter. "She looked beautiful - la coniglia più bella che ho mai visto - and he was handsome and wore the most amazing glasses. Where do you think they're going?" "Somewhere very important by the sound of them, I'll be bound," her mother replied. "Perhaps they are having a before-breakfast meeting or whetever they call these things nowadays." "I don't think so," said the daughter shaking her head. "It's got to be a lot more more exciting than a meeting." "I think they went round there. Lets follow them and see where they go," replied her mother, nudging her daughter so forcibly from the seat, that she nearly fell on the grass. Inside the car, the Wabbit noticed the two get up from the bench and he mentally grumbled at Turbina's noisy exhaust. "Now look what you've done Turbina. You've frightened that old lady!" "Far from it," said Turbina.