Friday, October 07, 2011

The Wabbit lets it Snow

The little plane darted away from the spacecraft. "Oh since we've no place to go," sang the Wabbit. "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow," trilled Ghost Bunny. The Wabbit settled back and relaxed. “The Alpini will be delighted," he said. "Will they go on the piste?" asked Ghost Bunny. "Most certainly," he grinned. "Why do they like snow so much?" said Ghost Bunny,"They like to ski down the slopes drinking flaming aperitivi," laughed the Wabbit. "Are they jolly?" asked Ghost Bunny. "Try and stop them!" said the Wabbit. There was a pause. "How did you come to be here, anyway?" he asked. "Just hitched a ride on a passing cloud," said Ghost Bunny. "Your wailing has much improved," said the Wabbit. "Yes, I've been in training." replied Ghost Bunny. "Who with?" enquired the Wabbit. "Lapinette," said Ghost Bunny. "Oh," said the Wabbit. There was a very long silence while the Wabbit tried to visualise the scene. "Where do you practice wailing?" asked the Wabbit. "At night in a deserted market off the Via Nizza," said Ghost Bunny, “I’ll show you." Suddenly she let off the most high-pitched wail and the Wabbit's ears flapped over and down the back of his head. "Don't you get into trouble?" said the Wabbit. "The Carabinieri usually arrive," murmured Ghost Bunny softly. "What then?" asked the Wabbit. “They sit in their car and eat panini," said Ghost Bunny. "Some things never change," said the Wabbit.