Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Wabbit and the Goddess On Board

"Take us up, Commander," said Turbina the Jet Car. "Nice and easy," she murmured. "I'll make it so," said the Wabbit and he gently lifted Turbina into the air. As the Wabbit engaged the thruster he saw Lapnet the demi Goddess threw flowers from the window. He glanced down to see they were leaving a trail of bright yellow flowers in their wake and he smiled a broad smile. "What a wonderful chariot," said Lapnet. "I would like such a chariot.” "Don't they come with the job?" asked the Wabbit. "Yes, they're rather dreadful and break down repeatedly," said Lapnet. "I think I used to have one of these," said the Wabbit. "I want a Turbina!" exclaimed Lapnet. "OK," said the Wabbit hesitantly. "What do all these buttons do?" asked Lapnet. "Nothing we need worry about," said the Wabbit quickly. Lapnet ran her paws lightly across the dials and switches as the Wabbit looked on with horror. But to his surprise, beautiful music filled the cabin and he could smell flowers. "And that red button there?" asked Lapnet, pointing. "Not that one," sighed the Wabbit at the precise moment that Lapnet pushed the button. The Wabbit heard a light crack. Suddenly, everything he could see in front of him compressed into a single dot, then rapidly expanded. The Wabbit looked round. They were parked in a small street on a hill in Thessaloniki. "That was quick," said Turbina approvingly. "We're here," said Lapnet. "I want to show you something."