Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Wabbit in the Elysian Fields

Turbina landed on the slopes of Mount Olympus and ejected the Wabbit from the car. So the Wabbit hopped forward to the other side of the pool. "Welcome to the Elysian Fields," said a sweet voice. The Wabbit turned with amazement. "Don't I know you?" asked the Wabbit. "I am Lapnet and I tend these flowers, who are the souls of the departed," said a beautiful wabbit holding a bunch of beautiful flowers. The Wabbit looked around. "Does everyone come through here?" asked the Wabbit. "Only those that are good and heroic," said Lapnet. "Your friends are here." The Wabbit thought for a minute and his ears quivered lightly. "The Flowers of the Forest," said the Wabbit softly. "Yes, they are gone to flowers now," said Lapnet. The Wabbit nodded and felt a moment of calm. But a sudden nagging thought touched the Wabbit and he frowned. "Your friend Franco is is not here," said Lapnet quickly. "But Unut will find him." "She will?" asked the Wabbit. "She sent out an All-Gods Bulletin," said Lapnet. "Are you a Goddess?" asked the Wabbit in awe. "I'm in that general framework," replied Lapnet and she smiled at the Wabbit. "Will you stay a while?" she said. "I've a lot to do," blustered the Wabbit. He was just about to mention his list when he heard Turbina honk her horn. "Even your chariot agrees," said Lapnet. So the Wabbit sat down and laid his head in the flowers and drifted into sleep. But he was dimly aware of a lone piper playing. And never was piping so sweet.