Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Wabbit and the Yellow Flag

Well in the lead, the Wabbit steadily climbed the ramp a few seconds in front of Lapinette. Indeed, he was just congratulating himself when he heard a siren wailing and caught a glimpse of yellow. The Wabbit coasted to a stop and Lapinette screeched to a halt behind him. "Frighten, frightening obstruction!" shouted Ghost Bunny. "Frightening Yellow Flag hold your positions." she yelled. "I’m not going anywhere," said the Wabbit. He hopped forward and looked at the obstruction for a moment. Then he turned to Wob, his On Board Control. "Wob," said the Wabbit. "What rules apply in this instance?" "Drivers may continue, but must not take advantage and should hold their positions." said Wob, ponderously. "This is unfortunate," said the Wabbit. "Shall I map it in?" asked Wob. "If you must" snapped the Wabbit impatiently. The Wabbit turned to Ghost Bunny. "Where does the Fiat 500 come from?" Ghost Bunny giggled softly. "Oh it's Snail's. He freed it from a museum." "And it happens to be here?" said the Wabbit. “He lost track of it," sad Ghost Bunny. "And I lost my lead," said the Wabbit. So he thought for a bit and then he shrugged his shoulders and turned to Lapinette. "What kind of car would Snail choose?" he smiled. "A Topolino,” said Lapinette,