Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Wabbit back in the Fiat Café

The Wabbit, the Big Blue Snail and Ghost Bunny had all repaired to the Fiat Café for a nourishing bite to eat. But the Wabbit was thoughtful. "What's up, Wabbit?" asked the Big Blue Snail. "Oh sorry," said the Wabbit. "Usually my beloved Lapinette would be here." The Wabbit sighed and stared at the table. The Snail whispered to Ghost Bunny. "What's she like?" "She's lovely and flies a helichopper," breathed Ghost Bunny and fluttered. "Cheer up Wabbit," said the Snail. "Lets drink a toast to Lapinette!" And they all drank a toast and said what a pity and wouldn't she enjoy herself if she was here. And very soon they were discussing everything they had seen and heard in the city. The Wabbit paused. "Soon," he said, "I will be going on an importantly important misssion." "Do tell!" said Ghost Bunny. "Very hush-hush I'm afraid, but Lapinette will be picking me up in her helichopper," said the Wabbit and plumped up his fur. "Can I come?" asked Ghost Bunny?" "Me too," said the Big Blue snail, "I can act as a look-out." "I will frighten intruders witless," said Ghost Bunny. The Wabbit grinned a big 28 tooth grin. "I appoint you my special duty agents," he said. "When do we frighteningly leave?" asked Ghost Bunny. "When the Café runs out of carrot aperitivi," said the Wabbit.