Friday, September 02, 2011

The Wabbit's transport arrives

The Wabbit and the Snail and Ghost Bunny were the last to leave the Fiat Café. "I can hear your helichopper," said the Big Blue Snail. "It can't be, that's Lovely Lapinette over there," whispered Ghost Bunny. "Lapinette!" cried the Wabbit, hopping up and down. "Who's flying the helichopper?" asked the Wabbit. Lapinette waved her brolly. "It's remote control. Very new, very hush-hush." "As a Commander, I have wabbit-1 clearance." said the Wabbit examining the brolly grip closely. "Oh buttons! That red one there. Can I press it?" "No!" shouted everyone with one voice. "This is Big Blue," introduced the Wabbit. "I know," said Lapinette."We have a file on you." "Excellent," said the Snail. "And I believe there are meetings." added Lapinette sweetly. "Splendid," said the Snail and waggled his antennae. "What did you do on your leave?" asked Lapinette of the Wabbit. "Nothing much really, Just going around." said the Wabbit and grinned. "That's not what I heard," said Lapinette. "There's a file about my leave?" said the Wabbit. "Everything," said Lapinette. "With pictures?" said the Wabbit. "Of course," said Lapinette. "Can we order prints?" asked the Wabbit.