Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Wabbit Proposes A Toast

The four were impatiently waiting on dinner and the Wabbit rose to propose a toast. Lapinette rapped on the table for attention and implored Ghost Bunny to stop haunting the tourists. "You've changed your fur," said the Big Blue Snail. "I have," said the Wabbit. "Where do you get a new coat of fur?" asked the Snail. "I go to Clari's of Winchester," said the Wabbit proudly. "That's a long way to go for fur," said the Snail and he snorted. "Every single time, he orders a new set of special fur compartments for hoarding," sighed Lapinette. "It's not hoarding, it's a creative storage solution," said the Wabbit and he smiled a sinister smile. "Ghost Bunny, will you please stop frightening the diners," shouted Lapinette. "Oh, it's my signature haunt too," sulked Ghost Bunny and fluttered. "Fellow Wabbits," began the Wabbit formally. "I'm not a Wabbit!" said the Snail. "... and Gastropods," continued the Wabbit. "Congratulations on a mission well accomplished. The Skuttles are locked away and the good people of Piemonte can sleep peacefully tonight." "Who has the doubtful pleasure of holding the the Skuttles?" enquired Lapinette. "InterWab," said the Wabbit and made a face. Lapinette grimaced and shook her ears. "They couldn't hold a carrrot," said Lapinette.