Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Wabbit and the Manitou Handler

The Wabbit wasn't so far away from Ghost Bunny and Lapinette and he was indeed on his way to a market for an unobtainable music album. But to his immense pleasure he had noticed an emergency vehicle exhibition. They were just setting up, so the Wabbit felt free to hop around. He hopped and poked and poked and hopped, but his eyes were inexorably drawn to an interesting piece of equipment. "Oh what's this?" thought the Wabbit and hopped up on a telescopic handler. "Most serviceable and pretty too," murmured the Wabbit. He squinted through the window and was assessing the levers and buttons when he heard his communication device squeal. "Hello," said the Wabbit cautiously, pretending he wasn't really there. "Oh it’s you Lap. Yes. Yes." There was a longish pause while the Wabbit listened. "I can. Yes I have a vehicle." Lapinette's urgent voice trilled from the phone. "Of course I have permission. Oh all right, I'll ask." The Wabbit looked all around and he could see no one. "May I borrow the vehicle?" bellowed the Wabbit. "I won't be a tick." Answer came there none, so the Wabbit squeezed inside and looked at the dashboard. "The phone squealed again and the Wabbit answered. "Yes I have. Yes. Buttons. Yes. I will take care." The Wabbit terminated the call and looked at the buttons. "Two red, two green, two black," he mused."I'll start with that red one."