Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Wabbit Said

Ghost Bunny performed a daring exhibition swoop and hovered down beside the outstretched arms of Lapinette. "Have you finally decided to hang around at the abandoned hospital?" asked Lapinette. "Yes," said Ghost Bunny. "Isn't it dull?" Lapinette questioned. "The Wabbit says it's cool," said Ghost Bunny. "The Wabbit would," Lapinette retorted. "Where is he anyway?" asked Ghost Bunny. "He's probably hopping a market, looking for some unobtainable music album," sighed Lapinette "I could find it immediately," said Ghost Bunny. "No fun," murmured Lapinette. There was a very long pause and there seemed to be no sound from anywhere. "You're sure it's not too quiet," asked Lapinette suddenly. "No, sometimes builders come to removate the building and I haunt them mercilessly," said Ghost Bunny. "I retune their radio to a station the Wabbit likes." "Oh really," said Lapinette. "They complained there was a ghost," said Ghost Bunny. "There was," retorted Lapinette." "Well, now they're getting double pay every time they come," said Ghost Bunny with triumph. "The Wabbit said they would." she added. "The Wabbit says a lot of things," said Lapinette. There was another silence. "Won't you miss Pluto?" said Lapinette. "It's all about location," said Ghost Bunny. "Who told you that?" queried Lapinette. "The Wabbit," said Ghost Bunny.