Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3. The Wabbit lies in Wait

"Hello there my good fellow," said Skratch boldly. "Funny weather for the time of year!" "Haw, haw, haw!" laughed the creature. "Skratch was not put out one bit. "Yes, funny when you think about it," he added. "Haw, haw," cackled the creature, nodding vigourously. "You sound like a chap who would appreciate a funny joke," said Skratch. "Ho he ha haw. Haw haw," laughed the creature. "Well," said Skratch and he drew in a breath. "Why don't cats play poker in the jungle?" The creature looked at Skratch in delight and his eyes went around and around. "Haw, he haw he haw, he haw," he screeched and he fell all around on the path, threshing his arms wildly. "I've not finished," thought Skratch in disgust and glanced at Puma and the Wabbit in the undergrowth. Puma nudged the Wabbit and growled under his breath. "Cheeetahs," he said. "No they're not cheetahs," said the Wabbit quietly. "The joke, Wabbit." said the Puma. The Wabbit looked vague. "Listen Wabbit," said the Puma. "Listen and think. Why don't cats play poker in the jungle?" "I give up," said the Wabbit quickly. "Too many cheetahs," said the Puma. The Wabbit was unmoved and he carefully watched the uncontrollable writhings and listened to the hyena laughter of the strange creature. "Skratch," he hissed. "What?" asked Skratch. "For all our sakes don't tell him the punchline," said the Wabbit.