Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Wabbit relaxes On Board

The Wabbit had successfully negotiated the perils of the airport and was safely on board the giant winged bus. After a long and rather snuggly nap, he nestled in his seat by the window and looked down on a strange scene. This, the Wabbit knew, was the very place where his secret helpers lived. A group of aristocratic, libertarian wabbits who lived in the Alps had sent the Wabbit a coded message, but he was far too far away to see them. It looked very cold there. “Oh brrrr!” The Wabbit shivered and startled the kindly steward who was offering him a salad sandwich. The Wabbit knew from his map that he was near his destination. “My good woman,” enquired the Wabbit. “Pray, how long before we reach the terminus?” The Wabbit always spoke in a strange fashion when on mission. He just couldn’t help it. “In 30 minutes, Wabbit. Your bag and emergency items have been specially processed. You may pick them up immediately on landing. Please go to Special Lounge W and present your credentials ” The Wabbit settled back and nibbled his salad. “So far, so good,” thought the Wabbit.