Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Wabbit establishes his local base ... and Sets Out

The Wabbit opened the shutters and looked out. His temporary Turin headquarters were servicable, central and interesting. He breathed a sigh of relief. There was time to consider his latest instructions. There was a briefing paper, bus tickets, a local map and a small pack of dried carrots, vitamins and pellets. He read the briefing with mounting excitement. He was to proceed to 190 Via Bardonecchia. There he was to assess the achievements of wabbits in the city. He must gather information, address the wabbits and report back. The location was some way off, but he could take an orange bus directly there. “That will save my paws,” thought the Wabbit. But would he find the enterprising wabbits? And what then? What on earth was he to say to the wabbits, when located? The Wabbit thought long and thought hard.” I will explain my mission, gently but firmly.” The Wabbit spoke to himself in a gentle yet firm manner. His bag was now quite full and he pulled it onto his back with a gasp. “Orange bus, orange bus.” The Wabbit reminded himself frequently and repeated his own instructions. Then both gently and firmly, the Wabbit loped to the end of the street and vanished in the direction of Porta Nuova station.