Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Wabbit and the squeaky White Wabbits

The Wabbit hadn’t really disappeared. It was only a trick. He had used his special ears to make an extraordinary hop. So just around the corner he continued his investigation. “I will conduct a short case study,” said the Wabbit to himself. “These white wabbits will provide for an evidence- based enquiry.” The Wabbit wondered what other kind of enquiry there was but felt compelled to use official language for his report. “White wabbits! Might I enquire after your conditions?” Without looking up, the wabbits squeaked amongst themselves. “Who’s he? He sounds official,” squeaked one. “Better humour him,” squeaked the other. Then with their squeaky voices in perfect unison they both said, “We are well and have all we need. Would you like to see our double binkie?” That won’t be necessary,” said the Wabbit, with alarm. And what of Montgomery?” “He serves us well. He has secured us extra food, shelter, burrow material, walkways and a secure perimeter.” The white wabbits giggled squeakily. “Also, he has a rather good voice and sings in the evening.” Good grief,” smiled the Wabbit. “Things are better - or worse - than I thought.”