Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Wabbit is dragged into the Wabbit Way

Lovely Lapinette and the Wabbit had finished their carrot curls and celery apéritifs were on the table. "Frame dragging," said Lapinette, enigmatically. "In theory you should have seen no difference." "Probably you haven't been inside a ticket machine," said the Wabbit and sipped his drink. "Anyway it wasn't for long. Suddenly I was on the escalator as normal. And everything did look much the same. Except that I could see a very large wabbit in front and he was surrounded by a kind of radioactive glow." "Green I suppose," said Lapinette, looking at her celery apéritif. "It was," said the Wabbit, "and so was I." "Did you follow the wabbit?" asked Lapinette. "Yes," replied the Wabbit. "I was in the grip of a strange force. So, not having a choice, I couldn't help but notice that the glowing wabbit hopped onto the platform, looked up at the indicator board then sat on a seat." "Nothing unusual then," said Lapinette. "Well, he did say something in a complaining voice," said the Wabbit. "What did he say?" Lapinette leaned forward with an interested expression. "That's just it. He said "Niaga etal" and stamped his back foot. "Late again," said Lapinette. "I certainly am not," said the Wabbit. "Late again, pronounced backwards," Lapinette explained patiently. "KO!" smiled the Wabbit.