Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Wabbit negotiates for Wabbit Island

The Wabbit found his way to the King's Castle and watched as the peacock arrrived. The peacock walked straight to Turbina the Jet Car, looked at his reflection, then walked around her three times and back. So the Wabbit decided to begin. "We, the wabbits, were treated badly here and we therefore ask for an apology." "It's hardly our doing," said the peacock. "We were brought here - in some discomfort I might add. We had no control over the King. You must speak with him and he is a long time dead." "So I gather," said the Wabbit. "You will have no problem then with renaming the island, Wabbit Island." The Peacock continued to gaze at his reflection and to the Wabbit's surprise, Turbina's door opened and the peacock got in. The Wabbit heard murmuring and music and then he saw Turbina's other door open and the peacock get out. "I suggest Peacock Island formerly known as Wabbit Island," said the peacock. The Wabbit didn't want to agree too quickly. "Wabbit Island which used to be mainly wabbits", he countered, "and is now mainly peacocks." That's a bit ungainly," said the peacock. "It is," said the Wabbit, "so I suggest "Free Peacock and Wabbit Island." "Satisfactory," said the peacock, "on condition that there is a yearly name-review conference with a Gala Dinner." The Wabbit could see no problem. "There is one more thing," said the peacock and looked at Turbina. Her door opened. Then a CD flew out and landed on the grass. "Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet: Diggin," said the peacock. "Good choice," said the Wabbit.