Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Wabbit dreams of Lovely Lapinette

The Wabbit's sleep lasted a long time. It was a sleep so deep that he dreamt of many things. He dreamt of buses and trains and planes and goddesses and faceless statues. Oh, how the images whirled around in his head. And his legs kept running, running, running without stopping. Tinny voices echoed. "Here are your orders!" "Expedite them, without delay!" "Have a Lagomorph Lager," said another. "Here is your Loyalty Card. Come again soon!" Then the round face of Thoth loomed and boomed and exclaimed, "Jolly Good, Jolly Good. Thrice Good!" And a skeleton finger drew a rag and a bone and a hank of hair in the desert sand. The Wabbit's legs twitched frantically and he made small growling noises. The images gradually faded. Then suddenly in the dream the Wabbit saw his beloved, the Lovely Lapinette. He dreamt that she had fallen into the hands of the sinister agents of Rabit and that they had demanded a King's ransom for her return. Suddenly he was there amongst them, fighting back to back with Lapinette as they felled the evil agents with pieces of pointed carrot and celery. And throughout the frantic struggle, the tough voice of Bodyguard, Franco Contadino yelled "Sir! Round em' up? Sir!" All at once the battle was over. And in the dream, Lovely Lapinette and the Wabbit sat on their hind legs and were speedily served a wonderful picnic by the Goddess, Unut the Swift One. The Wabbit awoke with a start! His communication device had fallen out of his bag and was flashing for the first time. He picked it up with both paws and the face of Lovely Lapinette swam in to view. "Ciao Bello!", she said with a dangerous smile. "I hope your not getting into any trouble?" "Not me," said the Wabbit with the special voice he reserved only for Lapinette. "It's a little too quiet around here for me."