Monday, May 20, 2013

The 400 Rabbits remember Buddy

The Wabbit addressed the special gathering of the 400 Rabbits to remember one of their number who had fallen. "Rabbits! called the Wabbit. "How many are you?" "We are 400!" came the thunderous reply. "Why are we here today?" said the Wabbit. "To remember the first of the 400," cried the Rabbits in unison. The Wabbit hesitated and looked down at all of the 400 Rabbits. Then his head raised to look at the picture on the screen. "400 Rabbits," asked the Wabbit quietly, "What was his name?" "Buddy," answered the Rabbits. "How shall we remember Buddy?" said Lapinette, hopping forward. "Fondly," murmured the 400. "There can't be another like Buddy," said the Wabbit. "It isn't possible." There was a sad sigh from the gathering. "But we are all different," continued the Wabbit, "and we all have our distinct contribution to make. So each and every one of us will pause for a minute's silence to remember him in our own own special way." Absolute silence reigned in the Big Shed as everything fell still and everyone remembered. And there were so many memories that the minute seemed to turn to an hour. The Wabbit ended the silence with a twitch of a paw and raised his voice. "How many are we now?" he shouted. "400!" came the reply.