Monday, June 30, 2014

1. The Wabbit and the Sightseeing Stone

The Wabbit had agreed to show the Stone around, but the Stone had ideas of his own. "What about this nice bus?" he asked. "Reasonable price, hop-on hop-off whaur ye like." "You can hop in my jeep," said the Wabbit, "and it won't cost you a thing," "Whit aboot lunch?" said the Stone slyly. "We can stop for lunch," said the Wabbit. The Stone nodded and looked up at the bus. "Whit aboot high photographs?" "We can go to a high place," said the Wabbit. The Stone pointed. "It says there's a commentary on the bus." "I can do a commentary," said the Wabbit. "Prove it," said the Stone. The Wabbit cleared his throat. "At the start of the first century BC, this spot was occupied by a gate in the Roman walls." "Boring," said the Stone. "Liven it up." "The mighty Decumanus Maximus Taurinorum started here," yelled the Wabbit. Tourists looked round and the Wabbit warmed up. "This is the old Capital and we still regard it as such," he proclaimed. Some bus passengers got off to listen. "Keep going, don't stop," said the Stone. "We call Turin ... the Cradle of Liberty!" shouted the Wabbit. Cheering broke out and they heard clapping from the top of the bus. "Will I take the money now?" suggested the Stone. The Wabbit gunned the throttle, span his wheels and kicked the passenger door open. "Get in," he said, "before we're arrested."