Friday, June 13, 2014

14. The Wabbit & the King of Helpers

Suddenly the team was outside on a parapet, gazing at a figure towering over the landscape. The Wabbit's android double had been specifically left to go native with the locals - and it looked like he'd taken the job seriously. "Hurrah for the Liberator!" shouted the Creatures. "Hurrah for the electric rabbit!" Lapinette sounded disgruntled. "I thought Wabsworth was supposed to keep everything quiet." "Maybe he knows what he's doing," murmured the Wabbit and he fished his walkie talkie from his fur. "Wabsworth, what the binky are you doing?" The radio crackled. "Sorry Commander, they wouldn't have it any other way." "Your Excellency," sighed the Wabbit, "we found what we were looking for. Now we have to get out of here." "Get out with me, the Stone," yelled the Stone with glee. It was too loud. "They have the Stone!" yelled the creatures and they started to hum and sway rhythmically. "Sort it out Wabsworth," snapped the Wabbit and he switched his radio off. Wabsworth voice boomed out and it echoed from the two towers. "We must hide the Stone!" Still swaying, the creatures turned. "Hide the stone, hide the Stone!" they roared. "Our friends came to help us," shouted Wabsworth. "They will hide the stone for us!" The combined shouts of the creatures were deafening. "Help us,  dear Friends. Help us hide our Stone!" "He's good, this Wabsworth fellow," murmured Jenny. "He's his own best helper," smiled Skratch.