Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Wabbit and the Importance of a Bag

The Wabbit hopped from shop to shop until his little paws hurt and his eyes were as red as the setting sun. Having had little luck in the department store, the bag for his mission seemed to get more important with each hop. The Wabbit had passed two young women in the street and overheard their conversation. It was hard to avoid since they spoke so loudly. "I value my bag more than I value my own life," said one to the other. "Good grief," thought the Wabbit. "This is more important than I thought." But the Wabbit couldn't see anything remotely suitable and he began to despair of finding the vital bag. Then just as he was about to go home he saw a sign on a photographic store called City Cameras. The sign said "Special Bag Reductions for Small Mammals" in big red writing. The Wabbit loped in the store so quickly, he slid right past the bags and onto the feet of the shopkeeper. "Mr Shopkeeper, I need a bag and it's very, very important," panted the Wabbit. "Then it's your lucky day," said the man. "Take a look. We have a Special Offer." And there it was. Exactly the right bag. Right in front of the Wabbit. The Wabbit's heart soared so much he could hardly contain his glee. "That one, that one, that one, I want that one," he panted. And with that very bag on his back, he happily set off home.