Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Wabbit and the strange case of the Balloon Monster

The Wabbit was back in his neighbourhood. After his long hop around the adjacent area, he was quite exhausted and ready for a nice nap. But then a strange sight caught his eye. At first glance it looked rather like a Balloon Monster but on closer inspection you could see feet sticking out of the bottom (the Wabbit was up to such tricks since he was always at ground level). All at once the Wabbit imagined the great opening of his New Headquarters. There would be many balloons and music and carrots on sticks. Of course, the Wabbit was only speculating, since in reality he preferred his patch. And he did not have the necessary subvention to allow for the purchase of Real Estate. But it was nice to dream. "Hello balloon person!" the Wabbit cried out. But the balloon person couldn't hear him. And he certainly couldn't see him. He looked as if he might trip over and then the Wabbit felt a bit sorry for the Balloon Monster. At least wabbits didn't have to go about in this fashion. Not yet anyway. But quietly, the Wabbit noted down the number of the Balloon Company. "You just never know", thought the Wabbit.