Wednesday, December 17, 2014

6. The Wabbit and Panico's Challenge

The team drew Panico to a quiet spot where the Wabbit aimed to sooth him, but he quickly changed his plan. "This structure is unstable!" yelled Panico. "It will collapse and bury me in the sand!" At that moment a piece of wood fell from a post and smashed at Panico's feet. The Wabbit looked at Tipsy and shrugged. So Tipsy hopped forward with an enormous smile and looked up. "I really really like you, Panico," she whispered. "Do you want to take me out for dinner?" Panico lurched backwards. "Aaaagh!" he yelled. "What will happen? It will be an awful disaster!" "Why?" asked Tipsy softly. "Food poisoning!" shouted Panico. Tipsy sighed and searched in her frock. She drew out the automatic she'd found in the Wabbit's Secret Boutique, held it up and waved it. "Help me try my new gun." "No, that looks very dangerous," screamed Panico. The Wabbit winked at Tipsy but somehow held Panico's gaze. "I'm going to try it," said Tipsy and she suddenly fired in the air. The bullet ricocheted a zig-zag path along the fence, narrowly missing Panico and Rabbit Jenny who had just arrived. Then it buried itself quietly in the sand with an apologetic plop. The Wabbit grinned broadly. "You see, Panico, we're all still here." Panico's pupils dilated and his hand trembled violently. "We're lucky we weren't killed" he said. "Oh, that was only chance," said the Wabbit. "Luck is what we have left over ... "