Monday, December 29, 2014

11. The Wabbit and the Double Agent

Hazy light filtered onto a curious scene. At the very moment that Terni the Dragon settled into the courtyard, the Coast Team arrived with a prisoner. The Wabbit was without surprise. "Oh, hello Spitlove, what's your information?" Wabsworth and Skratch concealed their puzzlement and relaxed to allow Major Spitlove to hop forward. "Agents are gathering not far from here. I have the coordinates." "Anything else?" smiled the Wabbit. "They're expecting the Big Kaboom," said Spitlove. "Good," said the Wabbit, and he turned to Terni and proffered his yellow vial with a grin. "I need a sample. I wouldn't normally ask." "This is hardly private," said Terni sternly. The Wabbit grinned again, "We'll all turn away" "What would you like then?" said Terni. "Dragon Pee Lite, Dragon Pee Medium or Dragon Pee MaxiSuper?" The Wabbit was silent. "MaxiSuper," said Terni swiftly, tucking the vial underneath his body. Everyone turned away. A hissing sound echoed round the pillars and a hot cloud of steam rose to the roof. Terni's voice held some amusement. "Please don't breathe the vapour," he roared. "There may be long term health risks." Everyone held their noses. "What shall I do now?" asked Spitlove. The Wabbit was emphatic. "Return to the Agents and advise them that Panico's vial has been lost but you know where it is." It was Major Spitlove's turn to grin. "Where?" he asked. "Make something up," said the Wabbit. "Make it convincing and report back."