Thursday, January 02, 2014

11. The Wabbit and the Big Bang

"Look out Wabsworth." Lapinette screamed at the top of her voice but her words were drowned by a detonation and she watched helplessly as Wabsworth spiralled skyward. The Wabbit loped towards the source of the explosion but he could hardly see for dust. "Wabsworth!" he shouted and he kicked debris from right to left. "Get down Wabbit," yelled Skratch. "There might be another one." But no more explosions came and gradually the dust settled. Lapinette picked small wood splinters from her fur and cursed silently. Skratch gripped his automatic fiercely and looked desperately for something to shoot. The Wabbit glanced all around but of Wabsworth there was not the slightest sign. He sniffed the air and twitched his nose and sniffed again. "Curious," he muttered. "He can't just disappear into thin air." Lapinette coughed and blew dust from her nose. "The air's not so thin, Wabbit," grimaced Skratch as tears streamed down his face and matted his fur. Acrid fumes drifted across the insubstantial buildings and they all rubbed their eyes. Suddenly the air cleared and the Wabbit thought he heard a rustling sound. "I'm sure I heard something," said Lapinette. "So did I," said Skratch. Then they all looked up.