Monday, February 18, 2013

10. The Wabbit & Lapinette on the Ledge

Susan the Biplane caught up with the pyramid and dropped the Wabbit and Lapinette onto a ledge half way up. As they landed, the pyramid shimmered and emitted small bursts of light. The Wabbit struggled to get a paw hold on the smooth surface. "I can’t quite see how to get in," he groaned. "You managed before," said Lapinette, tartly. "That access point is no longer visible," said the Wabbit and he clicked his teeth. "How do you normally get into a pyramid?" queried Lapinette. The Wabbit leant back and began, "Well ... " he commenced. Lapinette thought better of continuing and avoided one of the Wabbit’s lectures. "All right, it’s meant to be difficult," she acknowledged. "Can you fold a napkin into a pyramid?" asked the Wabbit. "Of course I can," said Lapinette. "Would it have a door?" asked the Wabbit. Lapinette shook her head. "Maybe that’s the answer," said the Wabbit and he glanced at Lapinette’s automatic. "Are you expecting trouble?" "Expect trouble and expect it early," said Lapinette. "Maybe you could fire a bullet at the door," said the Wabbit. "Just show me the door!" said Lapinette. "Maybe you could fold us one," sighed the Wabbit. But just at that very moment he heard an ominous creaking and felt the ledge widen. He looked down to see a gap appear. Slowly but steadily the Wabbit and Lovely Lapinette slid down and into the structure.