Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Wabbit is made to feel totally Welcome

The Wabbit was relieved to find himself inside the store. Thinking he was late, he had given himself a lot of stress. But after all that worrying he was slightly early instead! The two helpful staff made a cosy tasting area for him and apparently they could see the Wabbit, which was no bad thing at a tasting. A bottle of Lagomorph Lager ws brought to his table and - in a kind of ceremony - he was presented with an Oddbins loyalty card. "Oh I do like this !" thought the Wabbit. "I may come again." Then the Wabbit realised he had not actually tasted the Lagomorph Lager. He was so overwhelmed with the experience that he had completely forgotten the object of his journey. "Oh I am a silly wabbit sometimes.", thought the Wabbit, and smiled.