Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Wabbit pauses for a Photo Opportunity

One gulp of Lagomorph Lager and the Wabbit felt quite dreamy. It was better than he had expected. Light on the palate, it had an admirable aftertaste and a pleasant warmth spread to his cold paws. A camera was produced and the Wabbit pulled himself up into what he thought was an elegant pose. "I hope this doesn't mean I automatically endorse the product for all wabbits." murmured the Wabbit. On the other hand, the Wabbit was very impressed. "If the derogation comes through for the proposed Wabbit Headquarters this would make for tasty opening toasts" he thought. Thinking of that, the Wabbit also felt quite toasty too, and that improved the prospect of his journey home through the snow. So the Wabbit tucked his loyalty card into his fur and hopped to the door.