Wednesday, September 03, 2014

2. Skratch, Jenny and the Greek Landing

Skratch and Rabbit Jenny came ashore at the far end of the Island, accompanied by Stone. "Ach, it's gey hot," shouted Stone. "Greece islands can get hot," said Jenny. "Not to mention the wind," remarked Skratch. "I don't mind the wind," yelled Stone. But no-one could hear him. "Where do we meet the Wabbit?" asked Skratch. "Tinos," said Jenny. Skratch thought for a minute. "Isn't there a fine church there?" Jenny was very familiar with islands. "Pilgrims crawl there on hands and knees uphill from the wharf." "Is it far?" asked Skratch. "800 metres," replied Jenny. "It would be worth it," said Skratch. Jenny looked puzzled. "Churches do weddings," said Skratch. Now Jenny smiled, because she remembered Skratch had asked for her hook in marriage - and although she hadn't said yes, she hadn't said no. "We need Certificates of No Impediment," said Jenny. "I know Ambassadors," said Skratch. "And then we must post notices," added Jenny. "I have a printer," said Skratch. "We require Apostilles," said Jenny. "Ledger at the Department will send it all in the diplomatic bag," said Skratch. Jenny grinned. "Someone has to give me away." "The Wabbit," said Skratch. "You need to be certain I'll say yes," said Jenny. Skratch brightened. "I'm confident you will." Jenny poked Skratch with her hook. "Then what are we waiting for?" But Skratch seemed distracted and looked up. "Did you see that strange change in the light?" "We'd better investigate," said Jenny ...
Hague Convention Apostille. Apostille is a stamp or seal that signifies a document is legal and authentic; 
Gey: Scottish dialect. Very