Monday, February 10, 2014

10. The Wabbit & the Thing in the Way

The tangerine storm died down. But now the team faced a giant obstacle in the road and they studied what looked like a massive blue orange. For some time nothing happened but the Wabbit's ears twitched up at a faint rumbling and he stared at the bulging spot. "It moved," said the Wabbit. "What did?" asked Lapinette. "The bulgy bit," said the Wabbit. "Oh," said Lapinette, "that’s called the calyx." But just as she said “calyx”, there was judder and a hiss as a hatch swung back. The Blue Orange groaned as it became semi transparent and a series of words and phrases appeared. The Wabbit placed his paws behind his back, leaned forward and screwed up his eyes. "OK Lapinette, what are these?" Lapinette squinted too. "They look like commodities," she said, "resources, production ... and work hours too." Ghost Bunny nodded gravely. "This is probably where the Phantoms bring primeval atoms." “To take their energy," said the Wabbit. "Energy for their sun," added Lapinette. "What do you think is inside?" "Only one way to find out," chirped the Wabbit. He waved at the hatch and hopped back to take a run and jump. But he never had the chance to leap because they were seized by a force as strong as a billion vacuum cleaners. Unable to resist, they were sucked upwards and into the interior of the Blue Orange.