Wednesday, August 07, 2013

5. The Shadows of the Wabbits

The Wabbit and Lapinette tried to take a Number 9 tram but there didn’t seem to be any. So they hopped a long way through deserted streets until they came to Pluto Park - in the hope of finding Ghost Bunny. "She’s usually around here somewhere," said the Wabbit and his ears fidgeted. "Do you really think she can help us get back into phase?" said Lapinette. "If anyone can, she can," said the Wabbit. Lapinette knew the Wabbit trusted Ghost Bunny like no other and she nodded quietly. "There she is!" shouted the Wabbit. Lapinette waved frantically and so did the Wabbit. "Over here, over here, Ghost Bunny!" they yelled. Ghost Bunny seemed to look at them, then turned away. "No, no!" shouted the Wabbit. "Help! We’re out of phase!" Ghost Bunny paused and turned back. She stared for a while then shook her head. "I’m sure I saw something," she murmured. "No, just a trick of the light." She shrugged just like the Wabbit and started to turn away again. "Lapinette, look!" shouted the Wabbit, "we have shadows! Jump, jump!" They both jumped and waved and their shadows danced merrily. Ghost Bunny swung around. "Wabbit? Lapinette?" she said. "Ghost Bunny!" screamed the Wabbit. Ghost Bunny couldn’t hear a thing but this time she gazed shrewdly. "Something weird is going on," she decided.