Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Wabbit takes the Ferry

The Wabbit was so relaxed that he nearly missed his connection. But now, after a nice meal and having taken due care with his diet, the Wabbit was on board. He felt a mild desire to binky as he nestled in a discreet corner of the saloon bar on the last ferry of the evening. But he thought the better of it, because it was important that no-one ever saw the Wabbit come or go. Even Mr Brogan had told him "I never saw you!", after he had given him a lift. The Wabbit was certainly enjoying his vacation and he loved to ferry hop. He didn't mind the water, having taken lessons from Uncle Bill the marsh wabbit, who was an expert on marine matters. The Wabbit settled back for a snooze. There was lots to see tomorrow.