Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Wabbit confronts the City

The Wabbit had ventured into the city centre. He didn't live that far from the centre and he hopped that way when he was at a loss for what do do. But the Wabbit had seldom seen the city look so shabby. His small paws stuck to the chewing gum on the street and he was rather offended by how dirty it was. Not that he was a snooty wabbit. But he had standards for living and playing conditions. What was going on? The Wabbit looked at the decaying paint and wondered whether it was the recession that everyone was talking about. And of course it reminded him of the Shadow People who were thrown out of Castle Doom. The Wabbit sat on a step and pondered. "Maybe ... " thought the Wabbit, "... I need a vacation".