Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Wabbit studies the Menu

The Wabbit was a little hungry after a long ride. But he wasn't expecting this. He was spoiled for choice. But the thought of checking the menu spelling seemed a bit daunting. And there was so much here that a Wabbit should probably not eat. But then again, the Wabbit was on holiday. Suddenly the Wabbit noticed, in the far corner of the menu, a mention of seaweed. Even though it was very high in salt, which he had heard Gwanny Wabbit say would harden the arteries, the Wabbit knew it was nice. European wabbits from his neck of the woods had been known to survive a hard winter eating some seaweed. Seafood for me thought the Wabbit. With a nice salad. Now the Wabbit felt he was really on vacation.