Friday, October 08, 2010

The Wabbit does a Good Deed

The Wabbit kept searching the toy shop. Surely there must be a wabbit, he thought. And then he saw ... oh, no! A Wabbit that looked just like him. A bit paler, in poor condition and a little forlorn - but a fellow wabbit nevertheless. And just one. "Fellow wabbit!" said the Wabbit. "What has happened? What kind of living and playing conditions do you find yourself in?" The other wabbit just shook slightly and trembled a bit. "I see you are in no condition to liberate yourself, fellow wabbit. I will take you to a place of safety." announced the Wabbit And in so saying, the Wabbit nudged the poor wabbit off the table and together they hopped safely to the door. And of this, no one, not one single person saw a thing.