Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Wabbit and the Great Wabbit Gathering Place

Now the Wabbit was not one for compromising his vacation with work. But when he stepped outside the cafe, he knew this was the place for the Great Gathering. And as he looked at the empty scene, in his mind it suddenly filled with wabbits. Rank upon serried rank of wabbits came streaming down the hill to the fence until no grass could be seen. And he saw himself, the Wabbit, flanked on either side by a bwigade of marsh wabbits, addressing the vast gathering. It was indeed a mighty sight. Then gradually, the scene faded and there were only fields again. Yes, thought the Wabbit. This should be the place. But the Wabbit knew it didn't matter who addressed the wabbits really. as long as the Wabbits gathered and were as one.