Friday, January 20, 2012

4. The Wabbit prepares a Surprise

Following Ghost Bunny's report, the Wabbit was taking no chances. Together with Skratch and Robot, and a vast amount of equipment, he crept into a secret cellar in the bowels of the strange Castle. "What wine did you get, Skratch?" asked the Wabbit. "Barbera d'Asti, of course," said Skratch. "What year?" said the Wabbit. "2003," said Skratch. "Skuttles like their wine and we'll make sure they know its a good one," said the Wabbit, "so they rush headlong into our trap!" "They just like to knock it back" said Skratch. "Let's not underestimate our enemy," said the Wabbit. "You brought enough munitions to blow up the castle," said Skratch. "Hardly," said the Wabbit." "Don't blow up the castle, Wabbit. It's only a diversion." yelled Skratch. "How thick are the walls, Robot?" asked the Wabbit. "Eight metres," said Robot. "The walls will easily withstand the blast but I cannot vouch for Skuttles." "Hah!" said the Wabbit, "while the Skuttles rush to drink the wine, we shall extract Lapinette and then ..."  "I heard that the Skuttles could survive a nuclear explosion," interrupted Skratch. "They won't survive what I put in the wine," said the Wabbit. "Wabbit, what did you put in the wine?" groaned Skratch. "A little cocktail of my own. Odourless and lethal." said the Wabbit. "What is it?" asked Skratch "It's a Born Secret," smiled the Wabbit.