Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Wabbit saw a Bike

The Wabbit was going down the road to the shops when he saw this smart bike parked very closely to the cars. He thought to himself (because he was a male wabbit), "I wonder why they use these stwange machines? Wabbits do not like whirring wheels much." But this one was OK because it was tied up to a twee. And it was vewy, vewy still. The Wabbit wished his eyesight was better. But at least he was gwounded. He chortled to himself at the the thought, being a wabbit of a psychological disposition. As he hopped to the supermarket, his thoughts turned to his pals, Buddy Rabbit and Desiree de Rabbit. Even if they were far away, he could easily talk to them. What were they doing?