Friday, August 20, 2010

The Wabbit fancies a spot of Lunch

Now if there was one thing that troubled the Wabbit it was spelling (not everyone knows wabbits can spell). All the more so because he was feeling ... peckish. So when he spotted a menu for lunc, he knew the food might suffer from lack of care. He was fond of salad and tarragon was a herb of which he was well aware. He loved tarragon! All the same ... you never know. Perhaps he might hop in and snuffle around the tourists' feet. Or perhaps he might hop onwards to the pizza place. But he was always hanging round there and all the staff knew him. It was just too familiar. On consideration, the Wabbit knew at least they could spell the most exotic names and there would be fresh basil. Gnam, gnam! The Wabbit snuffled and passed on his way.