Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Wabbit considers Gloves

The Wabbit's feet were rather hard wearing and he did not consider he really needed gloves. But the Wabbit had found these lying on the table - as if they had been abandoned. Surely no-one would abandon such colourful gloves, thought the Wabbit. "Maybe if I just slip my leg into one of them, it could be that they fit". They felt nice to the Wabbit and they had a nice smell, so he rubbed his nose along the seams. "Supposing I put these on when I hop on my way to the shops, mused the Wabbit. People wouldn't know who I was. They would merely think, "There goes a wabbit with style and distinction". He considered it for a minute and then he thought better of the whole idea. The Wabbit likes to go incognito.